Every parent’s objective is to raise their child to become successful productive members of society. One way to achieve this is to equip your child with the necessary life skills, but where do you begin? There is so much to teach your child, right? Sometimes parents are laser-focused on school and their children getting good grades but teaching them basic life skills is just as important as those A’s. Without many of the life skills outlined below, even the most educated adult may face challenges in both the workplace and life.


Continue reading for some simple, basic life skills you can teach your child today!


  1. Doing the Laundry

Too many kids go off to college not knowing the simple task of doing laundry; a task adults may take for granted. Sure it’s not difficult, but everyone needs to be taught. Take 5 minutes and give your kids a quick tutorial on washing their clothes. You’ll be glad you did!


  1. Understanding Money

This life skill can literally make or break your child’s success as an adult. Learning to be money-savvy, how to manage money, how to handle debt and how to invest are great places to start your child’s education around money. One way to kick off this life skill at a young age is to get your little one involved with saving. Teach them how to count money and its value. Encourage them to save their money in a piggy bank and as they get older transfer that money into a savings account.


  1. Making a Meal for Themselves

I am not talking about a meal that involves the stove/oven or even the microwave for that matter. Something as simple as a bowl of cereal, yogurt with granola, or some fresh fruit are great meals your child can start to prepare for themselves. As they get older you can introduce them to the toaster & stove (with supervision) where they can make more meals and start to help you with cooking the family dinner.


  1. How to be Organized

Being organized can make you more successful at any given task. This can start at a really young age and set your child up for victory. Start with helping them to organize their toys and teaching them there is a place for everything. Coaching them at a young age will help ensure they carry it through their life with everything they do.


  1. How to Clean

This is another important one that will pay off later in life when they have roommates or are married; nobody likes to live with someone who is messy and not clean! There are very simple tasks your young child can do that are also safe. If they spill their juice, give them a damp paper towel so they can wipe it up. If they spill their cereal on the floor give them a little hand-held broom with a dustpan. As they get older you can teach them how to vacuum the carpets and how to mop hardwood.


Teaching these life skills will put your child on a path for success. They will be extremely eager to learn and will give them a sense of empowerment.

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