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Bethany Gallagher

Meet, Bethany Gallagher, a mom, wife, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Neonatal Therapist! Read along to hear more about this busy mom, her rewarding career and how she’s helping families as a feeding therapist and lactation consultant.

Tell us a little bit about yourself personally!
I am originally from Pittsburgh and love living in Towson now with my husband and three amazing kids. My passion is helping kids and families heal and grow. My husband is an Occupational Therapist who works with adults. I am a vegetarian, who loves podcasts, running, true crime, and soft serve vanilla ice cream.

What do you love about Baltimore County and what made you consider raising a family here?
We moved from the city for better public schools. We love that we can still walk to and support local businesses. My family and I are part of a close knit community with many new friends and activities.

What did you go to school for and what is your career now?
I got my Masters Degree in Speech and Language Pathology (SLP). I have since added more letters to my signature as I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Neonatal Therapist. I have worked with kids of all ages treating speech, language, and feeding issues. I gravitated towards feeding and now specialize in feeding and/or lactation treatment with premature infants up to teenagers. I am the head of the lactation department at an acute children’s hospital. I love working with new moms and seeing them figuring out motherhood in their own way.

How are you helping families outside of your main career?
I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and have presented at a number of local and international conferences. My career started out as a SLP and has evolved into specializing in lactation and infant feeding and development.

As a feeding therapist, at what point do you recommend parents contact you?
Early intervention is the key to success. For new parents I think working with me before the baby comes helps ensure mom, baby, and caregivers have everything they need to make their lactation or bottle journey become what they want.
With older kids, it’s often chalked up to being a ‘picky eater’ or ‘hard to gain weight’. The earlier we address these core issues the sooner they get resolved.

You’re also a lactation consultant, what services are you providing mothers?
I love to help moms and caregivers meet their own personalized goals for them and their babies. There are so many ways I can help new (and not new moms) ranging from pump selection, making sure you have everything you’ll need on your baby registry, to helping babies latch and ensure they have good milk transfer. Every woman’s lactation journey is different and I want to make it as enjoyable, stress free, and bonding as possible.

How do you find a balance between being a mother and work? Do you have any tips for other working mothers?
My only tip is to take a breath and know you’re not alone. Being a parent is a hard job in the world and we don’t get paid for it!

· For myself I love to run outside, listen to podcasts, and spend time with friends.

Anything additional you’d like to share?
Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns. I usually see you in your home but I do have an office location as well!
[email protected]

We strive to support local businesses! What is your favorite place in the Baltimore County area to:
Grab coffee: Atwaters
Go on a date night: Perennial
Get dinner with your family: Villagio Cafe
Have fun as a family: Inverness Brewery
Engage in self care: Harmony in Wellness
Shop for your kids and self: Ruxton Mercantile
Local charity: BARCS

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