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Check out our handy packing guide to ensure you don’t get a phone call saying, “mom, I forgot my…”!

Water Shoes

These type of shoes may not come to mind, but they are absolutely necessary. They not only protect feet from glass and sharp objects while in the water they also have a secure grip on slippery surfaces which can help prevent additional injuries.

Flip Flops

These are crucial. Your child should be wearing flip flops to and from–and in–the shower to protect them from what it is lurking on the communal bathroom and shower floors. Wearing these will prevent unwanted “visitors” attaching themselves to your child’s body.


Another absolute must. A sunburn can ruin a summer camp experience not to mention that sunburn could become a much more serious health problem years down the road.

Insect Repellent

Being outside means being with insects. There is no way to get around it, but you can arm your child with insect repellent so the itching doesn’t ruin the fun.

Rain Poncho

We have been lucky in Baltimore County, not a lot of rain so far this summer, (unlike last summer)! Still, with very hot, hazy and humid days, the skies could open up at any moment and a deluge of rain could fall from the sky. Make sure your kids are ready with a poncho!


I don’t often see kids wearing sunglasses. Their eyes need protection from the sun as well. Make sure to pack a couple of pairs just in case one goes missing.

Toiletry Caddy

Help your child stay organized with a toiletry caddy. There are so many bathroom supplies, a caddy will make their life so much easier going back and forth to the bathroom. All of their essentials in one spot.

Laundry Bag

This is a designated spot for your kid’s dirty clothes. If they have a place to put their dirty clothes, they are less likely to become missing or placed in the suitcase with their clean clothes (cutting down on your laundry time).

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is extremely important especially in the summer. Being dehydrated can lead to health issues very quickly. Packing at least TWO water bottles is a good thing!!

Above all else, you want your kids to have an experience at summer camp that they will remember for a lifetime. This packing guide will help you ensure they are ready for anything that comes their way while being away at camp, making memories!

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