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Introducing, Kelly Meyer. A mom, wife, and the founder of Ocean Breeze Swim Apparel! Read along to hear more about this busy mom, her new company and the story behind her custom swimwear. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself personally!
My name is Kelly Meyer, and I live in Jacksonville, MD. I have been married for nine years and have two girls who are two and five years old. 

What do you love about Baltimore County and what made you consider raising a family here?
As a lifeline Baltimore County resident, I feel at home here. I have so many beautiful memories from growing up, and now I can share those moments with my family.  

Why did you decide to start Ocean Breeze Swim Apparel?
My grandmother, Alvera, lived to be 100 years old and her skills as a seamstress knew no bounds. She could create anything from throw pillows and napkins to ball gowns and suits. It was that gift for taking fabric and using it to create something as personal as clothing that inspired me to learn sewing after she passed. Since then, I’ve sold my products at craft fairs, made custom dresses for private school dances, and worked with other small businesses to create a wide array of custom products.

But what I most enjoy is creating things for my family and friends, and that’s why I started Ocean Breeze: to extend that same level of care and provide it for families all over the country. As a lifelong Marylander, I’ve spent large portions of every summer in Ocean City, MD. First, growing up with my parents and three siblings, and now with my husband and our two young daughters. I love creating matching swimsuits for them and I’d love to do it for you as well!

Do you have a background in fashion/design/sewing? Self taught?
I first started sewing in 2020 and am primarily self-taught. I took a sewing class, which was instrumental in learning a few skills I still use today. My first sewing project was a square pillowcase on a machine that cost about $50. Since then, I have upgraded my sewing machine and added a few more to my sewing room. I have learned to create children’s clothing, adult clothing, and household items. Swimwear has a special place in my heart because I love the beach. We go to Ocean City every year, and I love matching my own family when we are on the beach. It makes me feel a little more connected to them. 

What makes Ocean Breeze Swim Apparel unique to other brands/swimwear? What is the brands mission?
Ocean Breeze Swim specializes in custom-matching swimwear at an affordable price. As a small business owner, I can work with each client to create the look to their exact specifications. My items are handmade for each client, which means I do not make anything beforehand. I strive to create swimwear that can help create memories that will last a lifetime. 

How do you find a balance between being a mother and work? Do you have any tips for other working mothers?
Sewing has been a hobby of mine since 2020, and I find that sewing at night after the kids go to bed is the best time to work on my craft. As working mothers, it is hard to get the energy to do anything after the kids go to bed, but sewing gives me a second wind and a sense of accomplishment after a project is completed. 

I advise those interested in learning to sew and have young children to start a project after they are asleep. All of your focus can be on the project, which is necessary sometimes as not all patterns are easy to follow. I also suggest contacting those who have been sewing for some time. My grandmother had sewn all her life, and I never took the opportunity to learn from her, and it has been a big regret of mine.  

Anything additional you’d like to share?
I like to make ordering from Ocean Breeze a personal experience. First, I ask about the style you are looking for, as I have several already, but I am open to looking into new designs. Next, I ask about measurements to ensure I select the correct size. Not all sizes are equal, so I do not rely on letter sizes. After that, I order the specific material you are requesting. Depending on the site I order from, this could take up to two weeks. Next, I create the swimwear. Finally, I send the order through the mail, or if you live locally, you can pick it up at my house.


On top of creating matching swimwear, I also create items out of terry cloth. I have children’s swim cover-ups and recently created towel pants. I love my new creation of towel pants because they are great to wear after a dip in the water! I only have towel pants in children’s sizes, but I am open to making them for adults. 

We strive to support local businesses! What is your favorite place in the Baltimore County area to:

    • Grab coffee: Not a coffee drinker, but I do like a cold coke-a-cola!
    • Go on a date night: Hippodrome to see a musical
    • Get dinner with your family: Texas Roadhouse in Hunt Valley
    • Have fun as a family: Sweet Air playground
    • Engage in self-care: About Faces in Timonium 
    • Shop for your kids: Kid-to-Kid in Timonium 
    • Local charity: Habitat for Humanity

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